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Sheds For Sale NJ has the highest quality vinyl sheds for sale near New Jersey. We have a wide array of vinyl sheds for sale with various designs to fit any home or yard. Our vinyl sheds are the best vinyl shed because they are made of the highest quality; our vinyl shed siding is made to be lifetime vinyl sheds because they are made of premium heavy duty material plywood or LP tech shield. Whether using it for a vinyl garden shed or for any other purpose, you will not find better vinyl sheds near NJ than ours.

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Sheds For Sale NJ in Upper Saddle River NJ has quality vinyl storage sheds for sale to fit your home or yard’s style, while protecting valuable equipment. Our vinyl outdoor storage sheds are made to last; you will not have to worry about our vinyl storage sheds after purchase, nor the items stored within them, as they all come with premium heavy duty vinyl siding made of ¼ plywood or LP tech shield. They also come with 2×4 16” side walls to protect your equipment.

Frequently Asked Question’s

What are the advantages of vinyl sheds compared to other types of sheds?

The advantages include being more durable, fire retardant, weather resistant, and corrosion and rust-resistant. They can withstand extreme temperatures better than other types of sheds, as they do not warp or decay. They also do not dent or crack easily, ensuring your items inside are safe and secure from the elements. Having the vinyl siding on your shed eliminates the need to repaint it over the years. It covers the structure protecting it from the outdoor elements just like your home.

Are vinyl sheds easy to assemble or do I need professional help?

Vinyl sheds are usually very easy to assemble and do not require you hiring professional help to assemble them, one of the most popular and best features of them. Vinyl sheds are considered to be low maintenance, so not only are they easy to assemble, but easy to maintain without professional help as well.

Are vinyl sheds resistant to pests and insects?

Vinyl sheds are made to last, even against insects and pests. Of course, applying simple measures to keep insects out of your home will also help to keep them out of your shed, such as keeping food and moisture out of your shed so as not to draw them into it.

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Quality Comes Standard

These Features Are Standard On All Of Our Vinyl Sheds:

  • Better Roof

    Aluminum Sofit Fascia & Drip Edge

    30- Year Shingles

    Double Plywood Gussets

    2x4 16 O.C. Rafters

  • Better Walls

    Premium Heavy Duty Vinyl Siding

    1/4 Plywood or LP Tech Shield

    2x4 16” Side Walls

    Raised Panel Steel or Fiberglass Doors (25 Gauge)

  • Better Floors

    5/8 Exterior 5-Plywood

    2/4 Floor Joists

    4x4 PT Floor Joist

    Diamond Plate Sill