Shed FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a permit?

Can I pick the my sheds colors?

Yes! Depending on the materials you choose, there are an array of color options to pick from.

How long does it take for my to shed to be ready?

It takes usually 4 - 6 weeks when ordering a custom shed for it to be manufactured and delivered.

What areas do you serve?

We sell and deliver sheds to the following towns and regions: NJ, PA and NY

What do you need for a foundation for a shed?

We suggest that the foundation be ¾” blue stone. This can be bordered with pressure treated 6x6s or other material. If you are interested in having us install a shed foundation for you, we do offer that as well. Just speak with a sales associate at the time of purchase and they will be able to quote you on that.

What type of floor comes with the sheds?

Our standard floors are 5/8” exterior plywood with 16” on center pressure treated joist.

What size sheds do you stock?

We always have a variety of sheds on the lot, but we can build any size you need. We offer both wooden and vinyl material to build the right shed for you.

Can I customize my shed?

Whether you are purchasing a wooden or a vinyl shed, you can customize either one. You will pick the size, shed color, trim color, shingles, and doors and windows. We also have a variety of other features like flower boxes, dormers, lofts, shelves, etc.

What kind of yard access do I need for a pre-built shed?

You need to have a clearance of at least 4’ more than the width of your shed with no overhead wires or trees, as well as no fences, walls, or steep grades.

Can the shed be built at my house?

Yes. We do offer build on sites if needed. There is an extra fee for this and it may also lengthen the timeframe in which the building would be delivered.

Does my site need to be level?

Yes. No matter what type of foundation you choose for your shed, it should be level. Unlevel foundations will affect the integrity and longevity of the building.

Is delivery included in the pricing?

No. We charge 200.00 for delivery, so long as you do not need a build on site. Build on site buildings incur the delivery fee as well as a build on site fee, which is determined by the size of the shed you purchase.