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Are you looking for an outdoor shed? Sheds are a great way to expand your storage or living space. You can store your tools, lawn equipment, or sporting gear in a shed. You can also transform a shed into a living area like a man cave, she-shed, playhouse, or more. The better the quality of the shed, the longer it will last. High-quality materials give you a low-maintenance structure that lasts for years.

At Sheds for Sale NJ, we offer high-quality and affordable pricing. In addition to sales, we also handle installation, making the process as easy as possible for our customers.

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Why Choose Sheds for Sale NJ

You have plenty of options if you are in the market for a shed. You can buy a shed online, go to a big box store, choose a hardware store, have some custom-built shed, or go to a shed specialist. So, why should you select Sheds for Sale NJ? We are your local storage shed experts. We offer a great mix of affordability and flexibility, which means that you cannot only find the shed of your dreams, but you will also be able to afford it.

The trend for sheds to serve as living spaces has led to an increase in shed prices. Large sheds can easily cost thousands of dollars. You may even see some people offering to build custom sheds for tens of thousands of dollars. At Sheds for Sale NJ, we focus on providing affordable sheds. Affordable does not mean cheap sheds for sale. Cheap implies sacrificing quality to offer lower prices. We do not sell cheap sheds. All of our sheds are made of high-quality materials. Instead of being cheap, they are affordable. We offer lower prices on durable, long-lasting sheds. That is extremely important in our New Jersey weather, which can be blisteringly hot in the summer, but freezing cold and covered in snow in the winter.

We also offer customization. Every shed we offer can be customized. Do you want a particular size, color, or style? No problem. We can customize our sheds to meet your needs.

The Importance of Sheds for Your Outdoor Space

Do you need a backyard shed NJ? Probably. Many New Jersey homes are older, and older homes often lack garages or have small garages with little storage space. The result? You cannot fit tools, sporting goods, or lawn equipment in your garage. Sure, you can store some of it in your basement, but that is not a practical solution for frequently-used tools or equipment.

In addition to storage, sheds can do so much more. Need a workshop? A shed can provide an excellent, contained, and secure workspace. Are you working from home? Consider setting up an office in a shed, giving you the convenience of remote work without the interruptions of your household. Need extra space? Set up your she-shed or man-cave in the backyard. One of our favorite uses of an outdoor shed for sale is setting up a library/reading nook that lets you enjoy the outdoors while still keeping your books safe from the environment. Today’s sheds are much more than storage- they offer an extended living space for you and your household.

Whether storing your equipment or using a shed as a living space, your shed must be watertight, durable, and strong. You want to protect items in your shed. You also want to be able to secure it against potential thieves or scurrying animals. That is why you need durable, high-quality sheds like the ones we offer at Sheds for Sale NJ.

Explore Our Range of Sheds Near You

Three main types of outdoor sheds are available: vinyl sheds, wooden sheds, and plastic sheds. You can find them at local stores in the New Jersey area. However, we mainly offer vinyl outdoor and garden sheds because we focus on high-quality and affordable pricing. Vinyl is more durable than plastic and has lower maintenance than wooden sheds. On the other hand, wooden sheds have an aesthetic appeal that may match your home’s style.

We offer unmatched quality, function, and style. We also provide plenty of variety in shed sizes and prices. Our contractors specialize in offering various vinyl and wooden sheds. We provide classic sheds for storage space. Our porch sheds are great for living rooms, serving as inviting spaces for she-sheds, man-caves, outdoor bars, office spaces, extra bedrooms, and more. We have big barn sheds that fit large equipment such as riding mowers or small tractors. We even offer garage sheds for sale if you need storage for cars, boats, ATVs, or other vehicles. If you have a pool, you can use a pool shed or cabana to offer additional shade, living space, changing space, and more. The versatility of our sheds means that we can customize them to meet any of your outdoor needs.

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Quaker Style
Classic Vinyl Sheds for Sale in NJ

Discover the Benefits of Vinyl Sheds in NJ

Vinyl is an excellent material for sheds. No wonder many homeowners are choosing vinyl when planning their new sheds. One main reason is that vinyl is so durable. Vinyl sheds are weather-resistant. They can withstand temperature extremes, which makes them an excellent option for New Jersey. After all, your outdoor shed must withstand cold and snowy winters and the sweltering August temperatures. Unlike plastic, these weather shifts are unlikely to crack vinyl sheds. Plus, vinyl is much more resistant to humidity than wood.

Another reason people love vinyl sheds is that they are low maintenance. If you have a wooden shed, you must stain, seal, or paint it regularly to keep it water-resistant. Vinyl is water-proof. If the seams are properly sealed, your interior will be protected from the weather. To clean the shed, all you have to do is spray it off regularly. If it develops mold or mildew, you can clean it with a regular cleaner or power washer. That means you can keep your shed neat and new for years with little effort.

Plus, you do not have to sacrifice style for durability or convenience. We offer vinyl sheds in a range of styles. They include lean-tos, capes, cottage, quaker, and porch styles. Plus, you can customize any of our sheds to meet your needs.

Enhance Your Backyard with a Customizable Shed in NJ

If you had a shed growing up, it probably did not enhance the look of your backyard. Older sheds did not look as good as modern sheds. They were often made of sheet metal, came in industrial colors, and had no pizazz. Today’s sheds are different. Our customizable sheds come in various sizes, colors, and configurations. So, you can order one that matches or compliments your home’s décor. Instead of being an eyesore, a great shed can be a decorative design feature for your home.

Storage Sheds in NJ: Organize and Declutter Your Space

Some people love sheds for extra living space. However, people get sheds mainly to add storage to their yards. When you pick a shed, you must think about what you will store. Storage sheds can help provide space for unusual or overlarge items. You can also optimize your shed for organized storage, adding shelves, lofts, and hooks. So, look at what you need to store and share that information with us while we plan your shed. Our experts can help you create the perfect storage environment.

Transform Your Garden with a Stylish Garden Shed in NJ

What makes a garden shed different from a storage shed? After all, you probably store garden tools in your garden shed. To us, the big difference is that a garden shed becomes a decorative focal point of your garden. We suggest choosing soothing garden colors, a porch for a nice, shady sitting space, a potting shelf inside the shed, and decorating with flower boxes or flower pots. Our garden sheds come in various sizes and styles, so we can match your aesthetic, whether a fairy tale garden, cottage core, English manor garden, or somewhere in between.

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Frequently Asked Question’s

Generally, the price of a shed is determined by its dimensions, as larger buildings require more building materials. Fortunately for you, Sheds for Sale does its best to find top quality sheds at value prices for your home. We even hold periodic sales on certain models, providing additional savings on your new storage space.

Technically speaking, we can place a shed anywhere on your property. However, there are generally limitations as to how far you can place your shed from your home or fence listed on your building permit. On top of that, your shed must be located on a flat surface, or else the installation simply wouldn’t work. These nuances are why we provide pre-work site preparation services.

It’s easy! Simply send us a message via our online form, visit our Upper Saddle River offices, or call us at (201) 935-9204 to learn more.

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