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An effective outdoor shed can be genuinely convenient for a New Jersey home owner, possessing multi-functional, economical storage capabilities that will keep your lawn clean and your tools and sporting gear dry for years to come. This value is only increased when the walls, floors, and roof are made of high-quality material that requires only a minimum of maintenance. At Sheds for Sale NJ, we not only carry top quality vinyl and wooden sheds at affordable prices, but also have the expertise needed to install every one of these convenient, maintenance-free structures on your property. This even includes site prep, ensuring that there will always be a perfect spot for your new shed on your property. Give your bikes, sporting equipment, garden tools, and other important tools, a new home. Obtain your exciting new shed from us today.

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We at Sheds for Sale NJ are considered experts in all things related to storage sheds. To start with, all of our sheds are reasonably priced. All of our garden sheds can be custom built in a variety of styles, colors, and sizes, creating outstanding sheds that can meet the specific wants and needs of every homeowner. Our site prep work ensures that the landscape around your home is perfectly prepared for your new shed, from the initial site review to the landscape fabric installations to the completed project. Finally, we guarantee that all of our sheds will be made out of high-quality materials, ensuring a long-lasting, durable product. When it comes to an outstanding outdoor shed, NJ residents can’t go wrong with us!

Wide-Range of Sheds

Unmatched Quality, Function and Style Our contractors specialize in a variety of different kinds of vinyl and wooden sheds, allowing you to find the perfect model for your specific needs. Keep your new storage space simple with one of our humble classic sheds. Give your yard a little extra aesthetic appeal with one of our porch sheds. Give your riding mower a new home with one of our large-sized barn sheds. Give your backyard pool an additional changing space with a pool shed, or go with a cabana for additional shade. When it comes to new storage shed, there are no limits to what you can create, especially with the sheer variety of options you have for extra storage, doors, roofing, and more. No matter what your desired shed is, you can rest assured that we will have it in stock.
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Frequently Asked Question’s

How much does a shed cost?

Generally, the price of a shed is determined by its dimensions, as larger buildings require more building materials. Fortunately for you, Sheds for Sale does its best to find top quality sheds at value prices for your home. We even hold periodic sales on certain models, providing additional savings on your new storage space.

How far can a shed be from the house and the fence?

Technically speaking, we can place a shed anywhere on your property. However, there are generally limitations as to how far you can place your shed from your home or fence listed on your building permit. On top of that, your shed must be located on a flat surface, or else the installation simply wouldn’t work. These nuances are why we provide pre-work site preparation services.

How do I get my free consultation or estimate?

It’s easy! Simply send us a message via our online form, visit our Upper Saddle River offices, or call us at (201) 935-9204 to learn more.