• Cabanas –
  • Includes
  • PVC Posts Railing Braces 4×4 inserts , Colored White or Clay
  • Vinyl Decking Trim
  • New England Series Trim ( Wider Trim Package)
  • Cape/ Cottage or Villia Roof Style ( Hip Roof )
  • Screened Options : call for Details”


Options Included in Base Price of Each Shed

Sheds over 90 square feet include:

  • *two 18x27 windows
  • *one set of double doors
  • *two sets of shutters
  • *pressure treated joists

Sheds under 90 square feet and Mini Barns include:

  • *one 18x27 window
  • *one set of double doors
  • *one set of shutters
  • *pressure treated joists

Sheds with a garage door include:

  • *two 18x27 windows
  • *one 3' door
  • *two sets of shutters
  • * 12" on center pressure treated joist

Quality Comes Standard

These Features Are Standard On All Of Our Sheds:

  • Better Roof

    Aluminum Sofit Fascia & Drip Edge

    30- Year Shingles

    Double Plywood Gussets

    2x4 16 O.C. Rafters

  • Better Walls

    Premium Heavy Duty Vinyl Siding

    1/4 Plywood or LP Tech Shield

    2x4 16” Side Walls

    Raised Panel Steel or Fiberglass Doors (25 Gauge)

  • Better Floors

    5/8 Exterior 5-Plywood

    2/4 Floor Joists

    4x4 PT Floor Joist

    Diamond Plate Sill

The Sheds For Sale NJ Difference

Free Tech Shield For Every Shed Purchase - A $400 value

Free Aluminum Soffit, Fascia & Drip Edge a $350 value

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